Straighter and Whiter Teeth in 6-9 months!*

Using Kineret Orthodontics Clear and Bright Express, a unique branded invisible braces

system that offers adults a faster more affordable alternative to conventional braces

Clear and Bright Express

• Imagine your teeth getting straighter and whiter without anyone knowing you are wearing appliances

• No food restrictions, no food stuck in your teeth and braces, hygienic

• No pokey uncomfortable wires and adjustments

• Affordable-1/2 the cost of traditional braces and other aligner methods

• Fast, Simple, easy, and shorter appointments

Treatment Includes:

• Pre-Treatment Whitening and Minor Cosmetic Re-contouring to make Your Smile Immediately Brighter

• 6-9 months of Aligners custom-designed and activated by an ABO Orthodontic Specialist with 23 years of experience

• All Aligners are fabricated in house for your convenience and faster turn-around time

• Eliminates use of commercial labs for better results and more savings for you!

• Post-Treatment Retainers

• Post-Treatment Whitening-For A Straighter Whiter Smile

To see if Kineret Orthodontics Clear and Bright Express is a viable treatment option for you, please call Kineret Orthodontics to schedule a consultation: (916) 772-5832.

For the First 100 Fast Action takers: Get this Special Clear and Bright Package for only $2997

(And don’t worry if you are not one of the first 100 to take advantage of this Fast Action offer-It is still a great value at the regular investment of $3597 too)**

*Certain restrictions apply; you must be over 21, have healthy teeth, gums, bone, roots, and jaws and jaw joints and maintain regular dental care. For straightening only-does not correct the bite or jaw alignment.

**Cannot be combined with other offers