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Being able to give a person confidence and self-esteem is the most fulfilling part of our job. We love what we do! We want everyone to experience the happiness that comes from having a great smile and the confidence to show the world. Nothing warms a room, a relationship or changes attitudes like a wonderful smile! These Before and After Photos show some of the life-changing results we make happen every day for our patients here at Kineret Orthodontics.


This Kineret Orthodontics Smile began with a lot of crowding. The patient was a great helper, attained a wonderful result, and finished one year earlier than expected

Large OverJet With Flaring And Spacing

This Kineret Orthodontics smile initially had excessive flaring, spacing, a deep overbite and a large overjet. The patient finished early with a significant improvement using a bite corrector, elastics, clear braces.

Deep Bite With Crowding

Too much vertical overlap of the front teeth can cause excessive wear and chipping. This deep bite case was corrected using elastics and braces and finished in about 18 months.

Open Bite

Sometimes the front teeth do not meet at all. Open bites like this can be difficult to treat but this patient was an excellent cooperator and finished treatment here at Kineret Orthodontics 6 months early.

Open Bite

Another case of the front teeth do not meet at all. This recent case is a severe open bite case, one of the hardest to treat in orthodontics but treated here at Kineret Orthodontics.

2 Phase Treatment

This beautiful before and after by Kineret Orthodontics Smile was created in 2 phases with expansion, braces and elastics. Call the office to learn more about this procedure.


This Kineret Orthodontic smile started with an underbite, open bite and crowding but finished beautifully and on time. The patient was a great helper and highly motivated!


Crossbites where the upper teeth are trapped inside of the lowers can cause accelerated wear and push teeth out of the gums. This great Kineret Orthodontics smile was created in 20 months using clear braces and elastics

Jaw Imbalance

Sometimes jaw imbalances can cause severe bite discrepancies affecting appearance, speech and the ability to chew. This Kineret Orthodontic Smile was created in 28 months with excellent patient cooperation.

Severe Jaw Imbalance

This severe jaw imbalance case required multidisciplinary care. The patient, primary care dentist, orthodontist and oral surgeon all worked together to create this Kineret Orthodontics Smile!


Adult cases can be complex, often entail some compromise, and require excellent patient compliance. This challenging Kineret Orthodontic Invisalign case finished on time with significant improvement. The patient was a great helper!

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